Squeezer (dryer) carpet

Height: 4.20 and 3.20 and 2.2 Features: The juicer features a stainless steel inner pot - Turkish or Italian motors - the base is equipped with a rubber or air vent. The outer shell is made of anti-rust chrome and treated with epoxy coating The wringer features a 90% rug squeezing effect in 60 seconds Delivered to the customer within 15 minutes Maintenance is free during the warranty period Warranty period of 5 years against manufacturing defects
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Carpet squeezer (carpet dryer):

Material selection: Our designer engineers choose the materials that make up the machine according to checking the minute details of the functions, thickness of the material and weight when necessary. While selecting the bearings, the working hours, diameters and even the lubrication system are carefully selected

cover system: The most delicate part of the drying machine is undoubtedly the cap system. Thanks to the correct door design scheme, the machine can be operated without problems for many years. As a company, thanks to research and innovative work, we have been able to reduce this problem.

Control Board: This feature offers the user convenience thanks to its easy accessibility and its placement on the panel. The used electrical parts are selected from the finest products, thanks to which it is possible to resist for a long time and avoid faults. With the counter system on the board, the machine can stop automatically as soon as it finishes its work.

To control the speed: The speed control system can optionally be adapted to the machine board to avoid the wear of the machine parts due to the increase and decrease in speed with the movement and stop of the machine, and thanks to this avoidance, the longevity of the machine is increased.

Emphasis and rotation:By placing the carpet according to the direction of tension and rotation of the machine, the water is disposed of in more than one way. If the carpet is washed in the average rotation and tension of the machine, only about 10 percent of the moisture remains. Among the most important aspects that must be paid attention to so that the machine does not suffer damage and perform a good tightening process, is to install the rotation and rotation on an appropriate scale. This is one of the most important elements that must be paid attention to for the safety of the parts used inside the machine.

The Quality : The quality management system and international quality standards are taken into account during the design and production of the machine at every stage of its manufacture. The machine is not put into use until it has passed all procedures and tests.

Product Features

Product Features
  Product Code: 4200RP
  Internal drum: stainless steel
  Drum diameter: Ø380 mm
  External drum: hot dip galvanized
  Width: 1100 mm
  Length: 4950 mm
  Height: 1380 mm
  Engine power: 7,5 kW
  Weight: 900 kg
  Rotating speed: 1100 d / d
  Electricity consumption: 7,5 kW
  Cover system: Manual
  Usage: Automatic
  Daily capacity: 2000m²
  Warranty period: 2 years

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