Carpet washing machine

Features: Turkish electric motors 380 and 220 - the number of brushes is 4 to 12 brushes, according to size Machine materials: Available in anti-rust chrome iron or stainless steel The coating of the machine is treated with opoxy paints Free maintenance during warranty period Warranty period of 5 years against manufacturing defects
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Carpet washing machine:

Brush disc: The 16 x 24 mm round brush provides deep cleaning of carpet fibers by moving left and right. The pressure of disc brushes can be adjusted to the required amount from the control panel. Thanks to the cleaner on the disc brush, detergents reach the carpet fiber bottoms. Thanks to the cleaning system, the dirt in the carpet is smoothed and removed.

Roll brush: Using disc brushes, the fully diluted dirt can be removed from the carpet by a rotating brush wipe system. The rinsing process is partially completed by water supplied through the brush.

Comb Brush: Dirt and dirt that is diluted and removed by the disc brush and roller brush are removed from the dirt and paper by moving the browser to the carpet. Gelberi is thoroughly rinsed with water, depending on the brush system.

Bottom Brush Wash: While wrapping the final carpet, the speed-controlled bottom wash brush rinses the bottom surface and removes it from hair, piles and dirt.

Rinsing System: The machine is completely free of carpet, detergent and dirt with three-point rinse water. This completes the washing process.

PLC Control: The machine is computer controlled. You can see errors on the computer screen and intervene immediately.

Control Guide: Thanks to the buttons on the panel, it is an easy-to-use and economical model. Easy parts display is a great feature and is designed to reduce job loss.

Tape system: The dimensions of the conveyor belt may vary depending on the size and dimensions of the carpet. Band width can be adjusted according to customers' requirements.

Speed ​​Control: Provides washing feature of all types of carpet with 3-axis speed control option. With the speed control system of the washing machines in the machine, the loss of function is minimized. Speed ​​control is one of the most important features that affect washing quality.

Carpet printing adjustment: Depending on the thickness of the carpet to be washed in the machine, the printing system can be adjusted according to the carpet using the elevator system.

Product Features
  Product Code: 2300-2600-3000-3500-4200
  Number of round brushes: 16 pieces
  Width: 3300-3600-4000-4500-5200 mm
  Length: 5260 mm
  Height: 1950 mm
  Engine power: 31,8-31,8-31,8-31,8-34 kW
  Weight: 2200-2500-3000-3450-3900 kg
  Band width: 2300-2600-3000-3500-4200 mm
  Belt speed: Adjustable speed control.
  Max. Carpet width: 2200-2500-2900-3400-4100 mm
  Control Panel: PLC or Manual
  Material: Hot dip galvanized
  Movement system: PLC with speed control
  Vacuum: No
  Electricity consumption: 31,8-31,8-31,8-31,8-34 kWh
  Evacuation Expenses: There are
  Usage: Automatic
  Daily capacity: 2000 square meters
  Disc brush: Ø 430 mm (corner driver)
  Roller brush: Ø260 mm
  Hallow brush: Ø280 mm
  Washing bottom: Ø200 mm
  Speed: 0.5 m / min to 1 m / min
  Warranty: 5 years

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